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I was so excited about our blog this week, with our Katy Sue Creative Cake System giveaway and the debut of Scott’s new cookbook, that I forgot to tell you all about the rest of the Creative Cake System line that ISAC is carrying! These molds are designed to work with rolled fondant and gumpaste to replicate the delicate string work of piped royal icing. The best part is that there are so many to choose from, and there is a huge set containing seven molds: the Creative Cake System 7-Piece Mold set

Cake by Ceri Griffiths Photo: S. Ewing/ISAC

Take a look at that cake, it was design by Chef Ceri Griffiths and it appears to have been painstakingly decorated it with royal icing! In reality, he used some of the seven different molds included in the set we have started carrying at ISAC! Included in this set are barrels, C scrolls, S scrolls, rope borders, scoops, serrated V, and shell border! This one set of molds will enable you to create perfectly composed cakes every time! Plus, your hands and wrists wouldn’t get so sore. To buy all these molds separately would cost well over $125.00. But we are offering the Creative Cake System 7-Piece Mold set at ISAC for the insanely great price of just $99.00!!! This is a special price you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The ISAC team just loves our clients and students so much, we want everyone to be able to snag a set of these molds!

Creative Cake System 7 piece mold set. Photo: S. Ewing/ISAC

As I mentioned, this set is part of the Katy Sue Creative Cake System, designed by Ceri Griffiths. The molds in our giveaway yesterday (butterfly trio, serrated rope, and small and medium ruffles) are also part of the Creative Cake System! Hold on to your hats, because there are two other molds too!! The Rose Medley (this can be seen on the yellow cake- the rose swag and individual roses on the bottom border) and the Micro and Mini Border set (teeny tiny versions of the barrels, C scrolls, S scrolls, scoops, serrated V, and shell border)! The Micro and Mini Border set is the perfect size for mini cakes and elegant cookies! The best news? 

ISAC is carrying EVERYTHING in our store!!!! The butterfly trio, serrated rope, and small and medium ruffles are so brand spanking new, that they aren’t even in stores yet, but they are on their way!

Cake by Ceri Griffiths. Photo: S. Ewing/ISAC

If you would like to snag the Creative Cake System 7-piece mold set at the ISAC exclusive special price you can click here. If you’d like to buy any of the other components of the Creative Cake System, you can click their names above! We hope you enjoy these amazing tools as much as we have so far! 


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