Cake Decorating 101

Cake Decorating: Back to Basics When people think of classes that are offered at the International Sugar Art Collection, “Chef Nicholas Lodge” and “professional level” are probably the first words that pop into their heads.  I am here to tell you that yes, Chef Nicholas Lodge teaches most of our classes (of course!), and yes,…

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Joshua John Russell- Fashion Forward Cake Designer!

Joshua John Russell has Class! Last weekend ISAC hosted a class with Joshua John Russell! I wrote about his upcoming class a few weeks ago on the blog, but the process photos from the class just BLEW UP on facebook and instagram, so I thought I would share how amazing the class actually was! I…

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Nicholas Lodge’s Tylose Gumpaste

Nicholas Lodge’s Gumpaste Recipe! It’s long overdue, but Chef Nicholas’ gumpaste recipe is finally here on our website!  It will live here on the blog; whenever you need it you can find it by clicking the Recipe link under Categories (on the right side of the screen). It gets even better: I have included the recipe here…

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Hello July!

Goodbye June. Hello July! Boy oh boy, June was such a busy month for us here at ISAC! We had five different classes- New Trends in Gumpaste Flowers, Summer Gumpaste Flowers, 2-Day Ultimate Rose, Modern Marie Antoinette (with Chef Nicholas and Chef Lauren Kitchens), and Grand Master of the Jedi Order: Yoda with Lauren Kitchens!…

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Lauren Kitchens is my best friend (I wish)

Lauren Kitchens = Cake Coolness Ok, Lauren Kitchens is not my best friend (yet). I may or may not have only met her this week, but let me tell you something- she is awesome. She’s friendly, down to earth, HILARIOUS, and she makes the coolest freaking cakes!  This week, Lauren graced ISAC with her cake…

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A Day in the Life…

A Day in the Life: Cake Decorating Student I know I mention it each week, but we really do have a huge, loyal, and enthusiatic fan base here at Nicholas Lodge’s International Sugar Art Collection (ISAC). There are people we see all the time in our retail gallery, customers who regularly call in their orders…

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Sweet Tricks and Cake Tips

Welcome to Sweet Tricks and Cake Tips! This will be a short, periodic blog segment that will introduce you to cool cake related tips and tricks, fun instructional videos, and brand new tools from the Nicholas Lodge (NL) product line! What interesting item am I sharing this week, you ask? Well, all you gumpaste flower…

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Fondant: This is Your Life!

Fondant: A Retrospective I think it is a safe bet that nearly all the readers on this blog have used, or have heard of, rolled fondant. It is certainly a staple in all of Chef Lodge’s cake decorating classes and a product that continually flies off the shelf in our retail gallery. The sweet marshmallowy…

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Nicholas Lodge’s New Blog!

  Nicholas Lodge and the International Sugar Art Collection have a new blog! Welcome to our blog! We here at Nicholas Lodge’s International Sugar Art Collection (ISAC) are very excited to be connecting with our students, customers, and fans in this fun and informative way! Our goal is to share new and exciting products, tried…

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New Blog is Here! Hear from Nicholas and ISAC

Thank you for making the right decision to start blogging in your Joomla! website.

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