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Welcome to Sweet Tricks and Cake Tips! This will be a short, periodic blog segment that will introduce you to cool cake related tips and tricks, fun instructional videos, and brand new tools from the Nicholas Lodge (NL) product line! What interesting item am I sharing this week, you ask? Well, all you gumpaste flower makers are going to love it! May I introduce:

NL Multi-Flower Station

The NL Multi-Flower Station!

This handy dandy tool is perfect for when you need to make a bazillion flowers for that 30 tier wedding cake you have coming up (we all know it’s wedding season, don’t even pretend you aren’t making flowers!). The NL Multi-Flower Station kit comes with green food safe Multi-Straws and polydowels, a styrofoam block, and magnet. The Multi-Straws are perfect for holding up wired flowers as they are drying, the smalll straws are especially great with 28g or 30g wires that are too soft to be pressed directly into a styrofoam block, These straws are perfect as mini flower picks used to insert single flowers into cake. They are also ideal when creating cascade arrangements or using single flowers, as they accommodate a toothpick or any gauge wire. The magnet is perfect for keeping all those little wires in place. Is there anything worse than having to look for precut wires that have rolled off the table while trying to make a break for it? No. No, there is not. Sorry wires, there is no escape from the NL Flower Station!  The kit is available on our website here. Individual components are also available for purchase on our website.

NL Multi Flower Station Kit

NL Multi-Flower Station Kit

Want to take the Multi-Flower Station out for a spin before you buy it? That’s not a problem! There are two upcoming gumpaste flower classes with Chef Nicholas Lodge that will be featuring, ahem, USING the Multi-Flower Station: Summer Gumpaste Flowers and 2-Day Ultimate Rose. We’d love to teach you how to use our Flower Station! I mean, Chef Nicholas would love to teach you how to make beautiful flowers using his amazing Flower Station!

Have you used the NL Multi-Flower Station in classes with us, or at home? Please share with us how much you love it in the comments section! Til next time!

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PS- Today is Chef Nicholas’ birthday! Don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!

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