New Flower Pro Mold

 A few weeks ago, I told you about the Sunflower and Daisy Flower Pro molds from Chef Nicholas and Katy Sue Designs that help make your sugar flower creations easier and more fun.  I hope you have these molds as part of your cake decorating supplies by now!

I also hinted about a new mold was coming out and it’s finally here!  This mold creates the most beautiful large and small size Antlers.  This new mold is definitely not a flower but is so much more versatile than a flower.  Just take a look at these fabulous creations.

The team at Katy Sue Designs and the many fans of Chef Nicholas have created some beautiful designs that I want to share with you.  Here are a few cake designs.


These cakes are amazing!! 

Now, I have to admit, when I first saw this mold, I started thinking of all the different cake designs I could make with this mold.  But then I thought…. this mold can be used to create so much more than just cake!  How about cookies or cupcakes?  How about a centerpiece for your table-top or pretty wreath to use during a Holiday celebration?  The team at Katy Sue Designs and everyone out there stepped outside the ‘cake box’ and came up with so many other ideas.  Just take a look.

This is definitely something no one should be without.  These molds are amazing.  Now is the best time to get yours!  

Click on the mold photograph to go straight to the website to place your order.  The Antler molds come in 2 different sizes, but can be used in the same way.  ISAC has plenty of these molds in stock, but you better hurry and order yours before they run out.  

Be sure to post photographs of your designs to the Katy Sue Designs Cake Decorating or Nicholas Lodge Facebook page so we can enjoy your work.  Chef Nicholas has also created a tutorial for the Antlers mold. Here is the link to the YouTube videos for all the great tutorials created by Chef Nicholas, including the Antler molds.  The NIcholas Lodge Antler Mold YouTube Tutorials.  There are 2 parts to this tutorial.

I never thought about the antler molds being on anything other than a cake, but the wonderful cake decorators and designers that work with these molds have really taken this to the next level. 

Who would have thought about this idea?  How cute is this?!

The Antler molds can be used for any holiday decoration or a rural Country theme cake or cookie.  The possibilities were endless.   Order yours today!

Stay Sweet and Keep Learning!









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