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NL1100 – NL Multi-Cutter Pad


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NL Multi-Cutter Pad

The unique placement of the holes and openings on this thick foam pad enable it to accommodate almost all of the JEM Cutters that feature a round “post” on the back of the cutters, as well as the line of Patchwork Cutters that feature either a “flat-handle” or a “round-peg.” By positioning a JEM Cutter or a  Patchwork Cutter on the pad, with the cutting side facing up, enables you to place the rolled out gumpaste or fondant onto the top of the cutter and then, using a small rolling pin, roll across the top of the cutter, providing you with even, clean cuts. This “Pie-Crust” method is much easier than attempting to use the cutter in a traditional manner. This tool is a must-have for any sugar artist who uses JEM and Patchwork Cutters. If you are experiencing problems in using your JEM & Patchwork Cutters successfully, this pad may be your answer!

*To watch a short demonstration by Nicholas Lodge showing how to use the NL Multi-Cutter Pad, please click on the video to the left. This short video will help answer any questions you have has as to how to use the Multi-Cutter Pad.

*Also, there are three additional videos by Nicholas Lodge on using Patchwork Cutters on his YouTube Channel at

(Please Note: The cutters in the photo are for reference only to the pads versatility and uses ONLY…Cutters shown are sold separately.)



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