Planning and Attending Cake Events

By the time you read this blog, Chef Nicholas and Scott are in town and getting ready for the FL ICES Mini Classes.  This is a 3-day event that is held in Orlando, Florida this weekend!  As a resident of Florida, I am personally excited about this event.  It’s right in my “backyard”!  There is no way I would miss this event! 

But, let me ask a question….have you ever seen a cake event being advertised with classes nearby, but you waited too long and missed out?  I know I have, and I really regretted it.  I mostly missed out on the event because by the time I made up my mind to go, the class was full or the class had been cancelled because no one else had signed up.  I hate when that happens!!

There are so many shows across the U.S.A. and internationally to choose from.  It takes a lot of effort, coordination and hard work to pull these things off.  The teachers work really hard to prepare for their classes.  They spend hours putting together materials and lessons that will help make your decorating skills the best in the business!  But none of this really matters unless you sign up and attend the events!!  

Now, I know life happens and things get in the way of what we thought would turn out to be a ‘regular week or month’, but if you really, really, really (was that enough really’s?….) want to attend these things, we have to sign up and be committed to attend!  Yes, I said WE….. that includes me because I know I am a big procrastinator sometimes!  The deadlines for these things are provided for a reason.  This is the only way for the event organizers and the teachers to plan for their classes.  I know we are all disappointed when a teacher has to cancel because no one has signed up for the class.  You can’t blame the teacher; they need to know if any students are going to come to the class.  It’s up to us, to sign up in a timely fashion and to be committed to being in class!

At the upcoming FL ICES Mini Classes, Chef Nicholas has 2 wonderful classes that you can attend.  The first class on Friday is called Tropical Gumpaste Flowers & Orchids.  During this class you will learn how to make several variations of tropical flowers and orchids including Plumeria, Anthurium, Bougainvillea and Oncidium Orchid.  A great class full of lovely flowers and foliage.

Everything needed to participate in this class will be provided for you to use.  Products will be available for sale after the class!  A class certificate and handout book will be included.  Bring a shoe box size / container to take your flowers home in. 

 Saturday’s class will be the Bridal Flower Spray.  Come and learn how to create some exciting Bridal flowers including Rose, Rose bud, Calla Lilly, Hydrangea, Baby’s Breath, Stephanotis and Ferns!

During the class you will have the bonus of learning how to use Air drying clay that looks just like Gumpaste and can be used on cakes.  Air drying clay is very durable, remains flexible, can be kept as keepsakes and is not affected by humidity!  Using Gumpaste is exactly the same as using Air drying clay.  Since this is a 1-day class, you won’t have to wait for things to dry.  This fun class will teach you new skills as well as working with a new medium. 

Everything needed to participate in class will be provided for you to use.  Products will be available for sale after the class!  A class certificate and handout book will be included.  Bring a shoe box size / container to take your flowers home in. 

Each class is packed full of hands-on activities and information to create some beautiful projects.  Chef Nicholas provides everything you need.  You just need to show up and have fun!  The location for the event is the Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel at 5445 Forbes Place, Orlando, FL  32812.  

If you are interested in the classes, you can show up on-site and sign up as long as there is availability in the class. 

Let’s make this a New Year’s Cake Resolution to look at the upcoming events in your area and plan ahead to attend!  I know right around the corner is the Austin Cake Show, That Take’s The Cake! When you sign up, it’s a win-win for everyone!

So, how about starting with the FL ICES Mini classes?  There is still time to attend.  The teachers that are coming are committed to make this the best weekend!  They have packed their bags and supplies and are coming to Florida.  Or maybe they just want to get out of the cold weather.  It doesn’t matter, this weekend is going to be fun!  Hope to see you there!

EXCITING NEWS……. Chef Nicholas Lodge just received notice that he is going to be featured in the January 2020 issue of Cake Masters Magazine.  He will be doing the “Ask The Expert” article in every issue!  you can Subscribe Here or click on the logo.

Stay Sweet and Keep Learning!


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