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Today is January 12, 2017. This year, Nicholas Lodge has already been to Chicago, New York, and is currently on route to Orlando. We haven’t even had two full weeks of 2017, and Chef Nicholas has been in four different states; I think he has clocked less than 36 hours in his home state of Georgia. No rest for the weary!

Chef Nicholas started off 2017 with a brief trip to Chicago for orientation with his newest students at the French Pastry School. By January 5th, he was in New York City for six days. A very busy six days indeed! There were meetings for the NY Cake Show, a Renshaw Difference roadshow and demo, a meet and greet and a 1-day spring flower class at NY Cake Academy. And a Renshaw Difference roadshow and demo at David Rosen Bakery Supplies. Chef Nicholas enjoyed catching up with his friends too! Of course he saw Lisa Mansour, of NY Cake, she was even sporting Nicholas Lodge green during class! Chef Nicholas had a fabulous dinner with his longtime friend Ron Ben Israel (a private chef 8-course tasting menu from Chef Ryan Lory, a competitor from Food Network’s Chopped, and executive chef at Charlie Palmer Steak House). Brunched with Benny Rivera (City Cakes) and Sachiko Windbiel (mimicafe Union), and got a bunch of City Cake’s famous half-pound cookies (yum. so jealous). Chef Nicholas also met with the Renshaw Americas team at the Renshaw Americas headquarters in New Jersey for a bit of team training.

Chef Nicholas and Lisa Mansour during his one-day class at NY Cake Academy.

Chef Ryan Lory, Ron Ben Israel, and Chef Nicholas! 

Chef Ryan even created a dish with Nicholas Lodge Green! 

Benny Rivera, Chef Nicholas, and Sachiko Windbiel.

Benny Rivera’s City Cakes!

I’m not going to lie- my mouth is watering looking the City Cakes Display…

Half pound cookies! Yum!

Chef Nicholas arrived home from his whirlwind trip to the Big Apple on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning (yesterday) was spent packing up and hitting the road for Orlando, Florida! Chef Nicholas and Scott are headed to The Sweet Chalet for another Renshaw Difference roadshow and demo! On Saturday and Sunday, Chef is teaching a two-day Tropical and Exotic Flower class. 

After returning for Orlando, Chef Nicholas has a little over a week break from traveling. Then he is jetting off to Chicago again; it will be time to teach his students at the French Pastry School for a few weeks. After Chicago, Chef will get to enjoy the warm sunny Caribbean weather for his trip to Puerto Rico and a Renshaw Difference demo (can you tell how popular Renshaw products are?!). I lived in the Caribbean myself, and I am VERY jealous not to be going with Chef Nicholas. I think blogging on location from the beach is just what this blog needs! Ha!

Once Chef Nicholas returns from Puerto Rico, he will be attending the Austin Cake Show in late February and CookieCon in early March. In late March Chef will be teaching his PME Master Class back with us at home (yay! finally our turn to see him!). Then he will be back to teaching at the French Pastry School in Chicago, straight to SoFlo Cake and Candy Expo, and then up to Edmonton, Canada for a week of teaching in May. Phew. I need a nap. Like I said, he never stops.

Chef Nicholas has a lot on his agenda and there are loads of people who want to learn from him and see him in action. I don’t blame them- he is the best instructor out there and that’s why he travels like mad. 

2017 is a big year for Chef Nicholas, Scott, and ISAC. Not least because of how busy Chef Nicholas will be. No, 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Chef Nicholas and Scott’s partnership and the International Sugar Art Collection. We hope to share lots of fun experiences with you this year, and cannot wait celebrate this sweet occasion throughout the year!

Chef Nicholas and Scott celebrating 2017, and 25 years together!

Sweetly yours, 


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  1. Wow – I am so pleased that you are being recognized for the superstar you are dear Nicholas! Thinking of you often, your little old lady number one fan from the tiny town of Blaine, WA,
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