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Winter Wonderland with Nicholas Lodge

Holiday Fun with Nicholas Lodge

Chef Nicholas is only teaching four more classes this year! He has two PME Certification classes in October: Rolled Fondant Techniques and 3-Day Advanced Royal Icing Techniques. I discussed both of these classes, and PME Certification, in a blog last month (you can read that blog by clicking here). Today, let's talk about Chef Nicholas' last two classes of the year- Rolled Fondant for the Holidays and Gumpaste for the Holidays!

The Rolled Fondant for the Holidays class is epic. It's a class that is appropriate for beginners and professionals alike. This is very much a techniques class, and the list of techniques learned and tools used is lengthy! Oh, and even though it's called "Rolled Fondant for the Holidays," many of the skills learned can be used on buttercream cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and gingerbread houses! Honestly, this class should be renamed- The BIGGEST BEST HOLIDAY CAKE DECORATING CLASS THAT EVER WAS TAUGHT IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. 

To much? 

All joking aside, let me just share some of the techniques Chef Nicholas will share with you: garland with mini holly leaves, piped garland with gumpaste bows, gingerbread men, apples, teddy bears, hearts, stars, reindeer bells, decorated Christmas trees, bells, holiday lace... the list goes on! Remember, I said these were SOME of the techniques you will learn. A small sampling if you will. Perhaps my new name suggestion is not over the top after all! The class is two days long, and is over a weekend, November 1-2. I think you should treat yourself and sign up for this class! You will not regret it one bit!

Do you love winter flowers and foliage? Well, then we have a winter class just for you: Gumpaste for the Holidays. Do you want to learn how to make a stunning life-size pointsettia? I thought you might. What about holly and berries (and varigated holly), English Ivy (and verigated), eucalyptus, fir and cones, pine cones, juniper, yew, and the Christmas rose?! That's a lot. Oh, and Chef Nicholas will also be showing you how to arrange the flowers into a lovely spray with holiday ribbons- you will be leaving with a beautiful piece that could be used as a cake topper or holiday centerpiece. 

We had so many people comment on our Fall in Gumpaste class photos saying that they wished they could have taken the class. I sound like a broken record cause I mention this all the time, but don't feel bad for missing a class! Sign up and come have fun with us, I promise you won't regret it! Taking classes at ISAC, with Chef Nicholas, are so much fun and so informative! Stop saying, maybe next time- there is no next time! These are the last two classes of the year! Call us up at 1-800-662-8925 and have Gretchen or one of our two Mollys get you into the Rolled Fondant for the Holidays or Gumpaste for the Holidays. I'll see you there!

Snow Globe Competition

Oh! And please don't forget about our Snow Globe Compeition! It was the subject of last weeks blog, and you can read it by clicking here. We have everything you need to create a tiny edible scene! If you would like a downloadable copy of the Snow Globe Rules here they are: Snow-Globe-Competition-Offical-Rules.pdf

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