By Stephanie on Wednesday, 11 October 2017
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Magical UNICORN Tutorial!

I love unicorns. I have always loved unicorns. I cannot express how excited I was when unicorns became cool and fashionable. When I found out that Chef Nicholas was developing a mold for unicorn horns and ears, I knew that whatever design he was planning was going to be amazing! I was not disappointed! Chef Nicholas designed a simple, yet completely adorable unicorn that can easily be used on any sweet treat you have in mind!

 The days of extruding pieces of equally sized pieces of gumpaste logs are over. The days of rolling uneven gumpaste logs are over. Just cram some gumpaste into Chef Nicholas' handy dandy unicorn mold, and voila! Perfect horns EVERY SINGLE TIME! And those ears... perfect. If you need to make a whole lot of unicorns, then these two molds will really simplify your life. Oh, and if you want to make a whole bunch of THESE particular unicorns (which are the perfect size for cookies or cupcakes), then today is your lucky day! Chef Nicholas has given me the green light to share his directions!

I know there are many of us in the sweets decorating world that are longing for an edible metallic gold. Well, you may have noticed the golden sheen to the unicorn's horn. Well, we are excited to announce that Rainbow Dust has developed a line of Paint Pots and Click Twist Pens that include metallic gold, silver, and purple and pearlescent baby blue, baby pink, white, and spring green! These Paint Pots and Click Twist Pens, including the metallics, are edible and FDA approved!!! YAYYY! This is a huge deal for this industry. Now you can have the look of metallics without the concern of non-edible aspects on your product! Best news? All the colors are available on our online store! 

You will also be able to find a downloadable version of this Unicorn Cupcake Toppers file on our website under Recipes. Oh, and as a bonus... the downloadable version has two additional tutorials for cupcake toppers! Yay! Thanks for being so awesome and generous Chef Nicholas!

Before I say goodbye this week, I have a bit of a tease for all of you. This week, Chef Nicholas and ISAC hosted a team from Katy Sue Designs. As you all likely know, Katy Sue Designs are famous for their high quality silicone molds. It is a brand we are proud to carry and sell in our retail gallery. I'm not at liberty to share any details yet, but Chef Nicholas and the Katy Sue Designs team are working together on a really exciting project. I am hoping to be able to announce the news here on the blog in a few weeks! Make sure you stay tuned for the big news! ;)

 ISAC 25th Anniversary Fun Fact: 2014- Realizing the importance of Social Media, ISAC appoints a full-time person, Stephanie Sakoutis, to this position. (Hey... that's me!)

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